Tool #15: Copying Only What You Want in Finale

Here’s a quick Finale tip that is very useful for cleaning up scores:

Have you ever wanted to copy just the markings (dynamics, articulations, expressions, etc.) in Finale and not the notes because you want to make all of the parts look the same in terms of markings?  There’s an easy way to copy only what you want.  All you have to do is edit your filter as detailed below:

1.) Using the selection tool, right click on a measure and hit “edit filter”, or go to Edit>Edit Filter.

2.) Select only the elements that you want to copy.  To copy just markings, I usually click the “None” button at the bottom of the Edit Filter box, and then click the “Markings” checkbox.

3.) Hit “OK”.

4.) Click on a measure and copy it.

5.) Paste the measure where you want to place it, and voila!  Only the elements that you selected are pasted into the new spot.

6.) You can reset to the default filter settings by hitting “All” in the Edit Filter dialog box.

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to ask if you have issues.

Thanks for reading!


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