Tool #8:

Staying informed and active in the artistic community is a great tool for success professionally and artistically.  Part of this includes keeping current with the issues, happenings, trends, and opinions of our society nowadays.  So, today I’d like to introduce a cool online arts newspaper.  I first heard about it at The Hartt School in a composition course taught by Dr. Larry Alan Smith a few years ago, and I still revisit this site when I want some news on happenings related to the arts.

It’s called Arts Journal ( and it is a great source for many topics.  It’s main header sorts by category into:

  • Issues
  • Dance
  • Ideas
  • Media
  • Music
  • People
  • Publushing
  • Theatre
  • Visual

which are then followed by a host of other links to the other parts of this journal.  Its homepage has a mixture of the top stories in these categories, and the homepage alone is a great source for composers whose interests are collaborative, expansive, and/or interdisciplinary.

I have found articles that range from the fate of certain American orchestras (a very hot topic, especially on the web) to a link to a marvelous NPR blog post on addiction.  The music section is a great read, but the other sections are just as worthwhile.  Arts Journal features a multitude of current English-language articles for free, and even has a daily and weekly email subscription option if you prefer to get your news emailed to you.  While I don’t subscribe to the email newsletter anymore, I still check it frequently for its interesting links, articles, and blog posts.  (I personally don’t really like to subscribe to things like that in general because it gets to be a lot of emails for many scubscriptions–it’s not just an ArtsJournal thing.)  It has been around since 1999, and reviewed in papers such as the New York Times and Boston Globe.

I highly recommend trying out!


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